Chinese New Year

Uptown Global Market will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Friday Jan. 31. There will be dragon dancers and other activities throughout the day. I will be there outside the Art Shoppe from 3-5 demonstrating needle-felted dragons. If you're out and about, it would be fun for me if you stopped by.


Halloween is coming, thinking about Halloween makes me think of costumes. Thinking about costumes makes me think of Minicon. I annually host a costume workshop aimed at kids, but open to all. Our supplies are quite depleted! If any of you have any old costumes or pieces of costumes or supplies that you are willing to donate, it would be greatly appreciated!


After watching "Bones", "Dexter" and CSI, and reading murder mysteries; I think my brain rebelled. Last night I dreamed I was investigating a crime scene. When I swiped an edge with a q-tip and squeezed out a drop of liquid on it, it bloomed with a lovely pink flower. When I broke into an abandoned car I found a darling happy baby strapped into their car seat. When I pried off a manhole cover and shined my light down into the sewer I saw a garden of flowers floating by. When I was duck-walking across a lawn looking for clues I discovered adorable miniature cats. The scary part of my dream came when I handed the long-haired white miniature cat to  the hard-edged police sergeant, it startled her and she dropped it. Good thing even miniature cats land on their feet!

Minicon Dealer's Room notes

This is the first time I've attempted having a table in the dealer's room. skylarker offered to share a table with me, and that seemed to work out well. I sold quite a bit which is encouraging. I didn't make a lot of money, because as numerous individuals have pointed out to me, I price my pieces way too low. I've always thought that if I priced things taking into consideration how much time has gone into creating them, that no one would consider purchasing them. I guess I'm going to have to change my mindset.

On Saturday, Harlan Ellison stopped by my table. If you haven't had enough of his banter already, read moreRead more...Collapse )

Retired again

Hi everybody!
I'm back. Yesterday was my last day in the world of giant bunnies and dancing silverware. It's going to be nice to once again have time for the more important things in life. I sure have missed all my grandkids! I was surprised by how exhausted I was each evening after spending the day on my feet. I'd really gotten spoiled being retired for four years.

It's all about giant critters

Work is tiring, but fun. So far I've been working for seven days and have designed giant forks, knives and spoons. Have assisted in the construction of giant cracked teacups, candelabras, clocks and animated wardrobes. Today I created a giant lion head in clay. Creating heads is my favorite part of the job, I'd offered to come back and do it for free when they laid me off four years ago. They paid me for playing today! Tomorrow we start work on 40 giant bunnies. You wouldn't expect me to get a normal job would you?